Fornicated Love Spell

As I sit here and become possessed

My body at grovel. I suffer to speak and swallow.

My words

The become so erratic

As I beg for my liberty and Justice

I once had a notion

To obtain my silence

And control these flashbacks and voices

But some how my past is inevitable

Where at random, I’m found in a dark hole

As much deep breaths I pause and take

I fail to levitate

And consume by gravitation

Dismiss my breath with suffocation 

My peace at a void

And the only way out is to obey

His pleasure and my R.A.P.E rape

Where he provokes

Begins to choke

Pull, tear and rip everything including my skin

And entrails

I scream loud as I can but still, I failed

And even when he let me go,

I could still feel his cold touches’

At what I call my intersection

Of my temple

Shaking as I still beg for my freedom

I close my eyes and ask myself can I finally blossom.

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