Fornicated Love Spell

As I sit here and become possessed

My body at grovel. I suffer to speak and swallow.

My words

The become so erratic

As I beg for my liberty and Justice

I once had a notion

To obtain my silence

And control these flashbacks and voices

But some how my past is inevitable

Where at random, I’m found in a dark hole

As much deep breaths I pause and take

I fail to levitate

And consume by gravitation

Dismiss my breath with suffocation 

My peace at a void

And the only way out is to obey

His pleasure and my R.A.P.E rape

Where he provokes

Begins to choke

Pull, tear and rip everything including my skin

And entrails

I scream loud as I can but still, I failed

And even when he let me go,

I could still feel his cold touches’

At what I call my intersection

Of my temple

Shaking as I still beg for my freedom

I close my eyes and ask myself can I finally blossom.

When you question why, Change your MINDSET!

We all get in those dark places… Alone ?Scared? Unstable? Bad relationship? Entanglement?and at then we become lost on what to do next.

Have you ever considered that maybe where you are is a good place to be. Why? Because mostly all our challenges in life come from our deepest fears, challenges and relationships.

Sometimes you can not get away from something because the test isn’t over yet. During college you couldn’t hand in your test or that 25 page paper without it being completed, unless you didn’t want the full journey of that course.

When you go through trials and tabulations, change from an in-ward mindset to an out-ward one. If we think about where we are today and with the end in mind our conclusion will always be the same. “A test is a test so it can be used as a tes-timony “ this journey we call stress or pain will soon be used to deliver someone else from the same situation, only quicker!

You can go where you want to go from wherever you start, as long as your trust the path God have you. Do you know where to start, right there you are and right now.

How? If you have a dream without action then you are just dreaming, but when you become relentless to your dream, you create vision.

There’s nothing to be gained by complaining or the lack of effort, instead let’s use our journeys and become POWERFUL.

If we change our mind set from inward to outward , the results are far more rewarding. 🧩.



Chapter 43

Manifest Publishing, LLC; Zandria White 2019© All rights reserved. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. 

Her heart was placed at the bottom of his shoe, but he begged for forgiveness  You allowed her to become comfortable in your absence And wonder why holding a pillow feels warm When she asked you to be a glass of water,

you sat back and laughed while she suffocated, quenched on her on tears, because you refuse to wipe them.  The only hydration she has was from her pain As much as she wanted to get up and pull back your skin she still loved you

Because somehow misery loved her company and you refused to admit the affliction. As much as she wants to harm you love was 143 degrees, but you expressed less then fifty. She can’t move and becomes numb, because her heart lies inside of you, at one point she made the decision where it was going to live and didn’t plan on taking it back.  now she’s here with an empty hole between you and her soul.

There’s entanglement between her mind and heart  Why must her mind go?  But the heart chooses to stay  how is this fair that he gets to smile and gets strength from my pain Now I understand the confusion  I thought I had the form of a perfect man  But you see fairytales aren’t real  As we learned kids

You deceived me of the pictures you painted before  I guess you were never mine and I’m a happy to no longer be yours  As our souls unlocked from this chapter  Because you realized my power and got scared acted out with this factious behavior  I’m walking away and claiming happily ever after.